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Quest ATX – The Wakeboard Park

Quest ATX is Austin’s first and only cable wakeboard park.  Located on 130 acres, in southeast Austin, this world class wake boarding facility is equipped with a six-tower Sesitec system and UNIT Parktec rails providing unlimited fun for any hard core wake boarder or recreational wake boarding enthusiast.  If you’re new to the sport, our System 2.0 beginner cable and incredibly friendly staff will teach you to wake board in no time.

We also have a 2 tower rope swing/blob that will add a little excitement to your day, but if you want to slow it down, jump on a kayak or SUP and cruise the lake or just hang out in the water on one of our big floats.  In between all of the activities at Quest be sure to have a burger or drink one of our craft brews that we have on site.  Pairing Austin’s ‘Keep it Weird’ vibe with a family and dog friendly atmosphere,  Quest ATX has a unique experience for everyone to enjoy this summer.

History of Quest ATX

Twenty-two years ago, a group of watersport enthusiasts were looking for the right property to create the perfect lake. After years of searching they felt they were on a quest for the perfect property. They found that property in Southeast Austin and after years of enjoyment, they decided to take the facility to the next level and develop a full-sized cable park – and Quest ATX was born.